Kenny Noah, President

It takes more than knowledge and experience to exceed the customer’s expectations. It takes an eye. An instinct. A personal standard beyond anything found on a spec sheet. Kenny Noah, our President, defines Southeast Industrial Construction and the way we work. With decades of leadership, beginning as a laborer and pipefitter to leader of a national construction firm trusted by America’s most innovative retailer, Kenny’s hard-won leadership exemplifies our work ethic and insistence on doing things the right way on every job.

Bryant Lilly, Director of Field Operations

You expect results, in quality and in timeliness. So it’s important to have someone like Bryant Lilly working on your project. Tenacious and gifted with the ability to adapt to an ever-changing situation, Bryant is able to build, motivate, and redesign teams based on the needs of the project—and of the moment—allowing the most efficient possible route to project completion. Bryant’s laser focus on continuous process improvement includes Team Building, Kaizen, and Lean Construction methods. So your project is built without wasted motion or capital. All because we build without excuses.

Daniel Pittman, Director of Operations

Construction is about timing, about putting the right people and right materials in the right place. Daniel Pittman’s tenacity and attention to detail are at the heart of our success. Whether supervising project managers and subcontractors, or hammering out schedules, Daniel is our front line when it comes to timely progress and quality. At the same time, Daniel ensures accuracy in proposal writing and oversees all risk management for the company. Finally, he is responsible for licensing, permitting, and final inspections. Based on our long-term relationships and track record, we’d offer that Daniel is one of the best in the business at what he does.