Costco Warehouse Stormline Repairs
Waterbury, Connecticut


Sometimes you get called on to provide a permanent answer to someone else’s temporary solution. Take the extensive issues with drainage at the Waterbury Costco.

When this location was built three decades ago, the storm lines weren’t correctly installed. While it passed inspection at the time, the original shortcuts taken during construction issues led to significant problems in the present. The result was a site with big problems in terms of stability. To fix the problem, we cut the asphalt, peeled the stone back, dug up the fill dirt, and replaced the pipe. Then we made sure the new soil, stone, and asphalt were put in correctly—the way it should be.

Best of all, the twelve-week project was completed on schedule with zero disruption to warehouse traffic. That’s because, in addition to doing things well, we’re a construction firm that believes in a smooth workflow.

Project Facts

Owner: Costco Wholesale
Architect: MG2

  • Complete overhaul of storm lines
  • New pipe, stone, fill dirt, and asphalt
  • On schedule delivery
  • No disruption

I know all their project managers and
have a great deal of respect for them.

Steve Meyer
Northeast Region Facilities Manager,
Costco Wholesale Corporation