Costco Warehouse & Fuel Facility
Springfield, Missouri


It’s our distinct honor to be trusted by Costco. We return that trust by treating every warehouse construction project as unique—especially when it comes to finding unique solutions. 

SEI broke ground in September 2020. Literally. Extensive site work had to be performed, including blasting large amounts of subsurface rock to accommodate off-site utilities. At the same time, we needed to create an off-site retention basis. Only then, could we secure permitting and begin warehouse construction. 

Freezing winter temperatures and an unusually wet spring and summer didn’t make things any easier. However, we were able to overcome all challenges and meet Costco’s deadline for an August 18 grand opening. 

In short, we specialize in more than construction. We specialize in meeting challenges, as well as living up to the loftiest expectations.


Owner: Costco Wholesale
Architect: MG2

  • Retention pond construction and heavy earth work
  • Scheduling challenges due to freezing weather and excessive rain
  • Timely completion of project