Garner, North Carolina

COSTCO WAREHOUSE / Garner, North Carolina

The holidays were coming to Garland, North Carolina. So Costco gave the people of that area a very big present on November 17 in the form of a new warehouse–all 159,521 square feet of it. 

The Garner warehouse had a number of challenges, chiefly centered around site preparation and the construction of an on-site fire tank. Because local water supply was insufficient for the warehouse’s sprinkler system, it was necessary to build a 211,238-gallon water tank on the property. 

At the same time, we encountered local ground water during the construction of several retaining walls. We resolved that issue by placing rip rap and crushed stone to create a stable base. Then we built dams and pumped out water one section at a time. 

Despite all those challenges, SEI was able to complete the project on time and within the client budget. Making it a memorable way to put a bright red bow on 2021.


Owner: Costco Wholesale
Architect: MG2

  • 159,521 SF warehouse
  • 211,238-gallon water tank for sprinkler system
  • Timely completion of project