Stock & Trade
Brentwood, Tennessee

STOCK & TRADE / Brentwood, Tennessee

It’s a furniture chain quickly becoming a destination for customers with impeccable tastes. That means Stock & Trade has exacting standards when it comes to its construction. The kind of standards they find at SEI.

Stock & Trade’s new location in Brentwood, Tennessee, had challenges. In space once occupied by a grocer, the site needed a transformation to fit the store’s upscale brand. We were up to the challenge. From a new façade, complete with large display windows quality construction at all times. At the same time, old refrigeration units from the grocery store needed to be removed, electrical power upgraded for better efficiency, and new HVAC in keeping with the store’s need for greater comfort and better aesthetics. All while fulfilling the strict requirements of the city and landlord alike.

Today, Stock & Trade is ready to provide the Nashville area with amazing new approaches to design. In part, because we furnished them the relentless quality they needed to impress a new market.

Project Facts

Owner: Stock & Trade
Architect: H. Michael Hindman / GSE

  • Strict city and landlord requirements
  • Transformation of exterior brick façade to stunning displays
  • Construction reflecting an upscale brand