Costco Warehouse & Fuel Facility
Bismarck, North Dakota


The further north you go, the tougher the challenges get. So when SEI was tasked with building a new 155,255 square foot Costco warehouse in Bismarck, North Dakota, we knew it would be an entirely different kind of project.

Winter comes early in North Dakota, making soil preparation and concrete work impossible after mid-November. And soil doesn’t completely thaw until early May.

In Fall 2019, SEI moved quickly, performing essential site preparation before winter. Then we returned to the job site in late March, assembling equipment, materials, and personnel for the sprint to the store opening in late August, 2020.

And that’s exactly what we did. We met the client’s timetable and budget, not to mention Costco’s rigorous standards. Just the way we forecast.

Project Facts

Owner: Costco Wholesale

  • 155,255 SF warehouse
  • Soil challenges due to extreme conditions
  • Logistical challenges in shortened construction season
  • 12-pump fuel depot