Costco Warehouse & Fuel Facility
Owings Mills, Maryland


You can plan construction down to the last nail and stroke of the paintbrush. But you can’t plan on the weather. Even when it comes to the elements, we work hard to keep a project on track.

Costco’s new warehouse in an Owings Mills development was slated to open in October with construction beginning in May. No one counted on record, frequent rainfall to hit the area. Other firms would send workers home. To us, it’s another day on the job.

It’s all in the attitude. And having the right equipment on site. In the case of Owings Mills, we were ready with plenty of pumps to keep the site dry, doing everything possible to get the roof up so work can continue uninterrupted inside. Because we pumped all the water outside the building pad, we were able to keep moving. What’s more, because our proactive team took measures, we kept anchor bolts from rusting, critical to the structural integrity of the warehouse. After all, we believe in building things that pass the test of time, not just an inspection.

Not only did we meet Costco’s timeline for construction, but the entire process was as smooth as silk–despite all the rain. For other companies, that would be an accomplishment. With our emphasis on being prepared, it’s just part of the forecast.

Project Facts

Owner: Costco Wholesale
Architect: MG2

  • 148,000 SF
  • Building only, no sitework
  • 18-pump fuel depot

They handle a variety of projects for us. There doesn’t seem to be too small a project they won’t take.

Steve Meyer 
Northeast Region Facilities Manager,
Costco Wholesale Corporation