Costco Warehouse, Fuel Facility & Car Wash
Murfreesboro, Tennessee


What’s the difference between a challenge and an obstacle? Attitude. Take, for example, our recently completed Costco warehouse in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 

When we broke ground, we learned almost immediately that bedrock would be a problem. Despite numerous geotechnical borings, we discovered the job site had 400% more bedrock than anticipated. Yet, we immediately started working on a solution with more blasting and hydraulic breaking. At the same time, we brought in two concrete crushing machines—all without putting a dent in our schedule. 

At the same time, Mother Nature had her say with a total of 83 weather days out of a 192-day construction schedule. Despite record rainfall and snow, we kept on falling back on a problem-solving mentality to ensure that things moved ahead. 

The result? Not only did we finish on time, but this Costco warehouse registered the highest first-day sales of any location in the Southeast. We were glad to do our part. Because we don’t let anything stop us from hitting a deadline. Even when we’re between a rock and a hard place. 


Owner: Costco Wholesale
Architect: MG2

  • 154,419 SF warehouse, 5,934 SF fuel station, 3,454 SF car wash
  • Offsite detention pond
  • Excessive bedrock successfully managed