Costco Roseville Bakery Refresh
Roseville, Michigan


When making upgrades to an older structure, especially one that was built by a previous retailer, you often don’t know what surprises are going to crop up. This was the case for this Costco in Roseville.

When it came time to refresh the bakery, despite all due diligence, we discovered that the old slab for the building was not only twice standard thickness, but there was an additional, second 6” of slab under that. Costco still needed their bakery back in operation with minimal delays. With the clock ticking, we took care of this significant change to scope in a hurry—and still managed to turn over the space on time. And we did it without disrupting the overall operations of the warehouse.

Even better, while we always work to exceed customer expectations, Costco was extremely pleased with the quality of our workmanship on such a challenging job. Proof that you can deal with the unexpected, meet deadlines, and leave a job in apple-pie order.

Project Facts

Owner: Costco Wholesale
Architect: MG2

  • Remediation, two generations of concrete slab
  • New equipment installation
  • Deadline met

They know what’s really important
to us when putting a budget together.
It’s a huge benefit to us.

Randy White
Assistant VP Construction,
Costco Wholesale Corporation