Costco Trusts Us for More Than Warehouses

Costco Trusts Us for More Than Warehouses

When you have locations all over the map, you need offices to oversee operations, train personnel and continue finding new and innovative ways to serve customers.

So when Costco needed to expand and remodel its Texas regional office in Plano, we leapt at the opportunity.

In addition to 7,280 sf of new office additions for Costco, we’re also remodeling an additional 7,000 sf of existing office. More than an expansion, we’re helping Costco upgrade capabilities as well, with a new test kitchen, executive offices, a training room, and reception and lobby areas.

“We’re proud to be part of this,” offers Kolas Elion, Project Manager. “Costco’s leadership will work in these offices every day. We believe the fact that they chose us to do the work speaks to the strength of the relationship we’ve built over the years.”

Expected to last four months, the project serves notice that Costco is dedicated to investing in the Texas market for a long, long time to come.