Costco Oak Brook Bakery Refresh
Oak Brook, Illinois


When Costco asked us to make equipment changes, they also wanted to make alterations to the bakery itself. And even the best-planned jobs might require a few changes on the fly. To others? An issue. To us? Not a problem.

In Costco’s Oak Brook bakery, changes were in order with a new rack washer. At the same time, we needed to enlarge the rack washer pit an additional 4’ to accommodate it. The project also required other HVAC work and vent piping to complete the job. As with any project, there were new client needs that caused us to alter our production schedule. But that didn’t slow us down. Even with a revised set of requirements, we were able to help Costco reopen the bakery, only extending the schedule a couple of days.

The result? A thoroughly pleased client with minimal disruption to the warehouse’s operations. After all, time is money when it comes to a customer like Costco. That means adaptability on the part of a construction team. And that’s how we roll.

Project Facts

Owner: Costco Wholesale
Architect: MG2

  • New equipment installation
  • Enlarged rack washer pit
  • Revised scope during job performance

Meeting our expectations for schedule and timing is what makes Kenny and his team very good.

-Ali Moayeri 
Senior VP/Construction,
Costco Wholesale Corporation