Another Day, Another Costco.

Another Day, Another Costco. 

Trust us. When Costco calls, we never take a project for granted. Maybe that’s why most of our efforts go incredibly smoothly. Take the new 164,844 sf warehouse store we just finished in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This is one that, looking back, Bryan Weatherford found to be as successful as projects get.

“As far as projects go, we couldn’t have been more fortunate with respect to weather. No torrential downpours to derail us and we were able to complete the project prior to winter freezing temps.”

Well, even the most uneventful projects have their issues. The team in Eau Claire faced a manufacturer’s delay when it came to receiving switch gear. Plus buried trees were discovered during the excavation phase. But those were minor obstacles to a company that knows how to tackle the unexpected.

The project, including an additional 6,000 sf for e-commerce distribution, broke ground on May 12th. And the grand opening? Right on time November 30th. Project had a small delay due to gear, so may want to reword this part.

So a big ‘Thank You’ to Bryan and his team for a job well done. With your help, exceptional results are just part of the routine.