Easy Cheesy. New Costco Opens In Clermont, Florida

Easy Cheesy. New Costco Opens In Clermont, Florida 

When mapping out a project, any project, we always plan for the unpredictable. Weather, delays in material delivery, problems with the site’s geology, you name it. Let’s just say we like to think through every contingency.

Our biggest surprise when building the new Costco in Clermont, Florida? That there were no surprises at all.

“It would be great if all projects went this smoothly,” laughs Byron Hood, SEI’s Project Manager. “No site complications, no special terrain features, no underground water. Everything and everyone showed up when we needed.”

Even Florida’s notoriously fickle weather cooperated. “We saw the usual afternoon thunderstorms come through, almost like clockwork,” adds Hood. “Those last maybe fifteen minutes and then we were back to work. Even the sandy soil helped drain the water away quickly.”

As a result, the 157,209 sf Costco opened right on schedule November 14th, without the last-minute flurry of activity found on almost any construction projects.

“This was a case where everything just clicked,” Hood continues.

But we think Byron is being modest. At SEI, we believe that there are no such things as straightforward projects. Instead, there are projects that go well due to detailed planning and quick problem solving—what Byron and SEI deliver on every job.

Thanks to Byron and his team for such a successful project. The pros make what is hard look easy.