SEI’s Big New Project? Our Big New Headquarters!

SEI’s Big New Project? 

Our Big New Headquarters!

At SEI, we’ve worked on projects all over the country. But now, it’s time for us to do something close to home. So, with our project manager Tommy Tortorich at the helm, we’ve begun work on SEI’s new headquarters just outside our hometown in Morristown, Tennessee.

With the construction firm he founded now working on projects across the country, Kenny Noah created an office demonstrating SEI’s corporate values of innovation and client service. As a result, his brainchild is no vanity project. Instead, it’s purposely designed to serve as the administrative and logistical hub of SEI’s operations.

“We’re very excited about what this new building will allow us to do,” Tortorich opens. “We have spacious offices that allow us to grow and to work much more effectively together. At the same time, our attached warehouse gives us a place to store and maintain equipment. All so we can deploy anywhere, anytime, at a moment’s notice.”

Even our site location speaks to SEI’s commitment to rapid response. With the Morristown airport across the highway, team members can be in the air within minutes to handle any client need anywhere in the country.

We like a challenge. And according to Tortorich, our site location is no exception. “We loved the location and the visibility. But the solid rock on the job site required much preparation.”

True to SEI’s strengths of planning and logistics, it was essential to ensure everything was in place before work began. So, while the metal building elements were delivered at the end of 2022, construction teams waited until January 2023 to begin the challenging site preparation work. And, in the middle of May, the real fun begins.

“We just finished pouring the slab for the warehouse,” Tortorich comments. “So the construction of that part of the project is about to begin.” And the office building isn’t far behind. “We’re likely pouring the slab for the office building itself sometime around the end of May. So both structures will be under construction by early summer.”

Kenny Noah, SEI’s President, has long advocated for Morristown. With that in mind, SEI’s headquarters have been designed for more than strict utility. Instead, special attention has been paid to the exterior and surrounding campus to make it a source of pride in the area.

“Morristown is a great place to live. I’m very proud of my community,” Noah comments. “So we wanted to make sure that our headquarters reflects that pride.”

Even as construction begins, decisions on the building’s exterior are underway. With a combination of stone, brick, specialty wood, and heavy timber framing, the building will be more than strictly utilitarian. Instead, it will serve as a distinctive landmark in the area.

“Our highest priority in the design is the function, of course,” continues Tortorich. “At the same time, we want the building’s aesthetics to inspire our team. With open areas, large conference areas and kitchens, and generous break areas, we’ve paid careful attention to the matter of comfort.”

While SEI’s headquarters will prove a great place to meet, it was also designed to be an asset to the region. It’s all part of Noah’s steadfast involvement in making Morristown a better place to live.

“We’ll have this great space and want to share it with the community. We plan to make it available to community functions or non-profits needing meeting space. It’s just our way of giving back.”

With construction underway, SEI is proud of our new headquarters – not just the building but the growth it represents. We look forward to showing it off to our family of clients in late 2023.