Hendersonville Costco Gets Underway.

Hendersonville Costco Gets Underway.

We’ve built a lot of Costco warehouses over the years. And one thing that we’ve learned? There’s no such thing as a routine Costco warehouse. Every single project has unique challenges, requiring creativity from SEI team members. Yet, it’s our point of pride to deliver a quality job on time—every time.

Take the Hendersonville, Tennessee, project that broke ground on April 24. With extensive site preparation required, project manager Brian Donnellan and his crew have a big job ahead of them.

“We have a bunch of bedrock on the site itself. While it was previously graded and partially developed under another unrelated project, we now have to make up for what is proving to be a lot of undocumented fill and remediation. Deeper fill areas with inferior material must be replaced with stone and other materials for greater stability. Moreover, those fill areas will need to be compacted, too.”

The site work needs to be addressed, and extensive retaining walls and nearby wetlands must be addressed to safeguard the project and the local environment.

“A stream bed runs through the property and empties into a pond,” continues Donnellan. So we went through channels to ensure local and federal approval. They were satisfied with our proposed measures of two driveway entrances to cross the stream to ensure the integrity of the stream.”

In short, there’s a lot more to the Hendersonville project than just erecting a 161,137 sf warehouse. In addition to addressing environmental concerns, site preparation requires site cuts up to 16’ in height, two 8’ box culverts, seven retaining walls, traffic signalization, and improvements to public roadways.

In addition, the Hendersonville project includes a first for SEI—the construction of a fuel station on the property. Donnellan is looking forward to this new set of duties for SEI.

“Costco has typically enlisted a separate contractor to handle that aspect of the project. After all, it’s a specialized kind of project. So we are especially mindful and grateful for the trust Costco puts in us to handle this.”

SEI always works hard to be a reliable partner to Costco. Donnellan is confident that, once again, SEI will deliver well before Costco’s opening date of November 2023.