Michael Callan Goes The Distance For SEI

Michael Callan Goes The Distance For SEI

Michael Callan, our Assistant Site Manager, has come a long way–2,200 miles in fact. That’s how far it is from Michael’s hometown of Los Angeles to his new home in Morristown, Tennessee. And to be part of the team at SEI.

“I grew up in L.A.” Michael offers. “At the same time, we were ready to enjoy a different kind of life.”

Instead of crowded freeways, Michael now enjoys an easier commute to work. Instead of feeling a little hemmed-in in Southern California, Michael, his wife Sarah, and children Andrew and Ruby have room to spare on their one-acre lot in east Tennessee.

“I’m still getting used to having all this room,” Michael adds. “I’ve never had a garage or storage space before. So I’ve really loved having a place to tinker around in.”

Tinkering? On what? Building shelves and furniture mostly. If there’s scrap wood from the site and make stuff out of it. Gotten pretty good at it, too.”

Of course, that comes from years in the construction business, a trade Michael took up when he was thirteen. “I started working with my dad, a tile contractor. At first, I did site cleanup and mixing cement for him. You might say it was in the blood. Plus if you’re a kid, it’s a great way to make money.”

Michael started working on bigger and more ambitious projects as the years went by, moving from residential to commercial buildings. Then spent a lot of time in Montana. “That’s a different kind of construction work. I was used to Southern California. It’s kind of different when it’s zero degrees outside and you’re performing siding, framing, and roofing work.”

After returning to Los Angeles and marrying Sarah, he eventually felt the urge to move again. Which brought him to us, a move Michael is glad he made.

“I like how professional everyone at SEI is. All the people I’ve worked with so far have been very helpful. They’re very supportive and do just about anything to help you get the job done.”

And now with a new job and a new part of the country to explore, he’s already got plans to try out his rod and reel. “Been a while since I’ve been fishing, but haven’t had a chance when I moved here. And I live right off the lake in Rogersville. Hope to get there during the summer.”

Welcome, Michael, Sarah, Andrew, and Ruby. Glad to have you as neighbors. And a whole lot more.