SEI Upgrading Costco Distribution Center.

SEI Upgrading Costco Distribution Center.

Costco isn’t just about the warehouses. It’s about keeping the trucks moving at all times and in the most efficient way possible.

So we at SEI are excited to help Costco expand its capability by expanding its distribution center in Monroe Township, New Jersey.

Adding 242,000 sf of 11” new concrete pavement will provide more space for trailers—204 trailers in all–and more room for maneuvering. And that additional capacity means Costco can serve a lot more of its members.

Work has already begun on the first phase, modifying an existing infiltration basin and adding rip rap prior to winter. Our next step starts with the previously mentioned 11″ concrete paving, depending, depending on if the onset of winter permits. If not, work will resume when temperatures warm up in 2023.

The springtime portion of this project includes the expansion of the facility’s guard booth and the addition of an 11” thick concrete parking area, accommodating up to 124 tractors.

No matter the job or location, SEI is working hard to ensure Costco has the facilities to go the distance.