Meet Doug Rines. Site Manager. Problem Solver. Grape Grower.

Meet Doug Rines. Site Manager.
Problem Solver. Grape Grower.

Doug Rines knows how to get things done. From 23 years in the Marines to a career as an engineer to project manager in solar construction to working as our Site Manager, Doug makes things hum.

That’s why we’re glad Doug joined us in [Month/Year]. His considerable project management skills make us better every day.

“Kenny called me and asked if I wanted to make the jump. And I’m glad I did.”

One reason? SEI’s values emphasize giving our teams whatever they need to do the job.

“The leadership of SEI is very supportive, especially for the construction industry. Kenny and Bryant ensure we have the proper tools to be successful. Their open-door policy means that if there’s something I need, I just pick up the phone and call.”

But while Doug keeps us moving daily on the job site, he’s not one to sit on the couch after the workday. In addition to loving life with his wife Kristi and his two grown daughters, ask about his 13-acre vineyard.

“Right now, I’m growing a French-American Chamberson grape. It’s a filler grape that goes with red wines. I’ve really always wanted to do something like this. I might even one day get into making wine.”

With that, a toast to Doug. We’re glad you’re on our growing team at SEI.