Now We’re Building A Better Environment, Too.

Now We’re Building
A Better Environment, Too.

We at SEI are excited to get rolling for our newest client, GFL Environmental Inc., a provider of recycling and waste collection services throughout North America. GFL, based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, tapped our team for their newest recycling facility in Apex, North Carolina.

“We’re excited about all projects, but this breaks new ground for us,” says Daniel Pittman, SEI’s Director of Operations. While SEI is used to industrial work, this project lets us really flex our capabilities. Instead of just construction, this will be a Design/Build project for us, showing what we can go all the way from architecture through civil engineering and construction to the ribbon cutting.”

When completed, the project will house all machinery for cleaning byproducts from waste and discharging it. Because the Apex project will rely on leachate disposal of wastewater–the carefully-controlled filtering through soil—the facility will not require linkage to the area’s sewage system.

“We’re working to use the most advanced technology in leachate disposal,” adds Pittman. “That entails designing the building around the equipment, the process piping in and out of the building, the creation of a temporary tank to house byproduct water, the processing equipment, and the eventual discharge of completely clean water into a nearby stream.”

Extraordinary care is being taken to ensure that environmental efforts exceed current standards for treatment.

According to Pittman, “One of the things that impresses us most about GFL is their commitment to the environment. So we’re working hard to build in all possible safeguards to ensure Apex and the surrounding community can be confident in this facility’s operations.”

Design work on the pre-engineered metal building, along with its accompanying infrastructure, is beginning immediately in anticipation of opening in late Spring 2023.