Construction. A Family Affair To Jarrod Boyd.

A Family Affair To Jarrod Boyd.

Construction is in Jarrod Boyd’s blood. After all, his grandfather, father, and cousins all own a construction business. So it just came naturally.

Jarrod has been a Site Manager for SEI since August 2020, currently handling a Costco renovation project in Virginia Beach. And we’re glad to have him, because he’s packed a lot of experience into a busy career.

“I started out learning to shingle houses when I was twelve,” Jarrod begins. “After that, I learned everything I could about the business, from concrete crew to steel crew and excavation. I always knew I wanted to be in construction management. And, by the time I turned twenty-one, I was a field superintendent.

That’s pretty impressive right there. But in the twenty-five years since then, Jarrod has handled just about everything there is in construction, with one rewarding detour.

“I love teaching the craft of construction. So for four years, I taught vocational education at an Indiana high school. Each year, my students would build an entire home from the ground up.”

Evidently, he taught them well. “Even now, several years later, it’s great to hear from my former students, to know they’re doing well. Some are plumbers, others are carpenters or pipefitters.”

Jarrod is teaching us a thing or two as well. He brings enthusiasm and attention to detail to every SEI project. All we have to do is give Jarrod the support he needs and watch him go.

“What I have now with SEI is the culmination of everything I did growing up, as if my entire life up to this point were for this purpose. Kenny and Bryant Lilly stand behind the work I do, which just makes me want to do an even better job.”

And SEI has taught Jarrod a few things, too. “If you haven’t crossed a particular path in your professional life and are upfront about it, they’ll work with you to make you successful.”

As hardworking as Jarrod might be, he does have time for a fulfilling life off the job. There’s his wife Sarah, not to mention his seven children, Jagger (21), Connor (20), Lane (10), Rayna (9), Wyatt (8), and twins Riley and Regan (6). Jarrod and Sarah have a lot to keep them busy. Plus have we mentioned that Jarrod is an avid drummer?

SEI is a company of people. And the better our colleagues are, the better SEI is. We’re glad to have Connor and teammates like him keeping clients satisfied. Thanks, Jarrod, for being part of our family. And bringing your lifelong passion to construction to our jobsites every day.