SEI Breaks Ground for Costco In Tulsa.

SEI Breaks Ground for Costco In Tulsa.

SEI Breaks Ground for Costco In Tulsa.

It’s already the Oil Capital of the World. But, in late Spring 2023, Tulsa will have something new to celebrate: The opening of the area’s second Costco warehouse. And SEI is proud to be part of it.

Our team got rolling on August 8 on the project and what a project it will be. Not only will it serve Costco members in northeast Tulsa, but it also represents an innovation in Costco logistics. This warehouse will double as a mini distribution operation, Costco’s second, allowing the company to take the strain off larger distribution centers.

According to Brian Donnellan, Project Manager, “As Costco looks for better ways to serve its members, facilities like this represent an important new development. This is only Costco’s second mini distribution center, and we are honored to have been given the assignment.”

As a result, the footprint of this site is considerably larger than most Costco warehouses, encompassing 26.91 acres with a 204,000 sf warehouse. In addition, the site’s Fuel Station will take up an additional 6,000 sf. Add two retention ponds and a retaining wall, and this becomes one of Costco’s most ambitious projects yet.

There are plenty of challenges to be managed. Given its extensive bedrock, the entire site will need to be raised an average of 3-1/2 feet for construction. Doing so entails aggregate lime screenings for select fill for both the building pad and the overall site.

Further, we’ll modify existing roads, including traffic signaling, deacceleration lanes, traffic islands, and the accommodation of utilities. This requires ongoing coordination with jurisdictions and agencies such as the City of Tulsa, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, and other entities.

Finally, there are challenges posed by the infamous nature of Oklahoma weather. Yet Brian is confident that SEI will deliver.

“One of the things I love about working at SEI is that we’re a problem-solving organization. With an emphasis on planning, constant communications, and a general atmosphere of trust up and down the line, we have a way of meeting every challenge head-on. And this project won’t be any exception.”

Thanks again to Costco for your trust in our ability to get things done. We look forward to helping you open new possibilities for the people of Tulsa.