How’s This For Being Married To Your Work?

How’s This For Being
Married To Your Work?

SEI emphasizes close working relationships as a core value. Since joining us in December 2020, Bruce Maness, Project Manager, has taken it to heart, 24/7, 365 days a year. Bruce lives, eats, and sleeps with an important colleague of his.

He’s not just married to Regina Maness, Site Engineer, who joined us a few months later. Together, they travel from project side-by-side in their RV. The way Bruce and Regina see it, there are some great advantages to the arrangement.

“Our kids are grown, so we can travel from job to job,” offers Bruce. “That way, home is always where work is.”

Bruce keeps things humming on the job site. Meanwhile, Regina keeps tabs on the tremendous amount of project paperwork and ensures that SEI’s high safety standards are upheld. So what’s the working relationship like?

“Depends on where we are,” Regina adds with a laugh. “At work, he’s the boss. After that, things change a little. And, when it comes to projects, it doesn’t hurt that we practically complete each other’s sentences.”

All jokes aside, Bruce and Regina say they get along like best friends. Which, of course, they are. And as a family who works together, it only seems that the two are a natural fit for SEI’s culture.

Bruce says, “SEI is like a second family to us now. They treat everyone like that. At the same time, it’s very professional. Schedules are spot on, they manage to perfection the logistics to finish jobs. And if the unexpected arises, they spring into action with the resources you need to get it done.”