The Smallest Jobs Are Sometimes The Best.

The Smallest Jobs Are Sometimes The Best.

The most important thing we built this year was a memory.

It all began with Levi Fisher and a wish. Not just any wish, but one that measures 28 feet by 44 feet. A backyard basketball court that feels authentic right down to its markings. Markings complete with Levi’s name where the team logo would normally be.

It’s as court as good as any arena in the NBA. For the game that Levi plays his own backyard matters more than any championship trophy.

This is not just any basketball court. This is a Make-A-Wish court. It’s made of poured concrete, yet bound together by love and community.

We at SEI are proud to have helped fulfill Levi Fisher’s wish. ­­­

No, That isn’t quite right. Instead, we feel deeply humbled to have played our part. To be witnesses to the strength of Levi and his family. To watch him sink three-pointers as an entire city, including the local college basketball team, roots him on.

And we are equally humbled that our own Kayla Trachsel—and other SEI team members–helped make a boy’s wish come true.

“The smile on his face when he played with the ETSU men’s and women’s basketball teams was well worth any effort on our part,” states Kayla. And we couldn’t agree more.

But there are other children and other wishes that remain unfulfilled, wishes that need your help. If you want to help a child live his or her dreams, we encourage you to visit today.

And remember Levi, a basketball court, and the courage and hope your gift will bring.