Ask Adam. He’ll get it done.

Ask Adam. He’ll get it done.

In baseball, the player who does it all is known as a Utility Infielder. At SEI, we know him as Adam Varnado.

Adam joined us in October, 2020, as Assistant Site Supervisor. Since then, we’ve begun to wonder if there’s anything he can’t do. From a roofing project in Puerto Rico to taking care of parking lot repaving in Oklahoma to fixing generators on location in Texas, Adam is everywhere and does a little bit of everything. But no matter what he does, the quality of his work remains the same.

“My demeanor is to give a helping hand,” is how Adam describes his approach to work. “I enjoy traveling from place to place, seeing a spot 4-6 weeks then go to another job. Along with it comes the variety of things I get to do, new challenges to solve.”

He comes by it honestly. After a two-year stint in the Navy, along with six years in the reserves, Adam gravitated to problem-solving jobs.

“My first job after the military was working for a crating service, wooden crates for overseas shipping. I had to come up with ways to ship everything from wing parts to medical equipment and lots of other unusual stuff. I even built a crate to ship the world’s largest moose rack.”

After that, Adam moved on supervising interior remodels for a large auto parts retailer and nineteen years at a flour mill. But regardless of where he’s worked, Adam always brings a can-do attitude and natural leadership.

“I’ve been in management since I was eighteen,” Adam laughs. “I’m always in charge of someone.”

So what does a guy like Adam see in a company like SEI? Namely, a chance to really have an impact on our success.

“People are great. Kenny is great. Bryan is great. They have a culture of empowerment here, which means they trust us to do things well.  If I need something, they get it to me. They don’t beat around the bush, they simply say “okay.” Because, to them, the highest value is doing an effective job for the client.”

Off the job site Adam is pretty high-energy, too. He’s been married to Kathy for twenty-four years and describes it as ‘Never a dull moment.’ According to Adam, college football is life, prior to everything. But after the final down of the final game, Adam loves target shooting and working on project cars. He claims that “I like to tear them apart and make them faster.” We’ll take your word on that, Sir.

We have a sneaking suspicion that Adam is going places. And, by that, we don’t just mean job sites.

All of which adds up to being a great member of the SEI team.