Procore. Now SEI’s Management System.

Procore. Now SEI’s Management System.

Construction is a complex business. Schedules and subcontractors, budgets and material. So how do you keep all the gears moving in the right way?

It’s not just staying on top of the million little details in every job. It’s having the system in place that lets us do it.

SEI has recently migrated to Procore Construction Management Software. With it, we can exercise even tighter controls over every aspect of every project. How?

With Procore, everyone can work within the same program, from office staff to site supervisors and project managers. With up-to-the minute reporting, everyone can see the ins and outs of a project, plus communicate more quickly and easily. And, in a business where communications matters above all else, that’s a huge advantage.

Further, Procore means our subcontractors can work within the same system to request information, submit invoices, review drawings and subsequent changes. This streamlines everything, while minimizing the chances of missed information. .

And because Procore directly integrates with our financial software, project managers and upper management can track costs at a single glance—without cumbersome spreadsheets or endless communication between team members.

Best of all, this software allows SEI to take on even more ambitious projects and workloads without major additions to the workforce.

All in all, we’re excited to have Procore on board, part of SEI’s ongoing refinement of processes. And the better we get at our job, the better we deliver for clients like you.