Kevin Kotan Comes On Board At SEI

Kevin Kotan Comes On Board At SEI

Although Kevin Kotan, Project Manager, is new to SEI, he certainly isn’t new to us. Because Kevin has a long history of collaboration with SEI as architect on many different Costco projects over the years.

“I’ve known and worked with Kenny Noah for twenty-six years,” offers Kotan. “And I’ve long admired the way SEI works in terms of how the company operates, on the job site and off. The people approach each job with a problem-solving attitude—which is really important when dealing with high-stakes projects with quick turnaround.”

After years as a licensed architect, Kevin brings an entirely different set of skills and experience to our efforts.

“Because I’ve been used to looking at every project from the design standpoint, it gives me an interesting perspective when it comes to looking at jobs. Plus the quality of the people I work with—not to mention the trust that comes from my previous working relationship-gives me a high degree of confidence.”

Kevin was born and raised in Montana. After earning his degree at Montana State, he moved to Seattle, working for decades in a prestigious architectural firm. Now, he’s ready for new challenges with us.

“The people at SEI are what attracted me to this company. They are warm, welcoming, and have a real team attitude to everything they do.”

When Kevin is not on the work site or poring over designs, he loves the outdoor life with interests in golf, fishing, snow skiing, tennis. He also brags about his two sons, 23 and 27.

Welcome, Kevin. With your extensive background in architecture, we have really big plans for you.