SEI Ready to Build New Athens Costco

Regardless of how many Costco warehouses we put up, every new project is exciting to us. Like the 153,833 sf warehouse we’re gearing up for in Athens, Georgia.

We anticipate breaking ground on May 9, with an anticipated construction timeline of 130 days. But we’re working to hand over the keys to Costco earlier than that.

“With supply chain issues and labor shortages nationwide, every construction firm is currently facing challenges,” states Byron Hood, Project Manager. “But SEI has thrived because of our good relationships with suppliers and subcontractors—not to mention a fantastic operations team. That translates into a more efficient process from beginning to end.”

For the Athens project, SEI is building the warehouse, along with the adjacent sidewalks, vestibule slab, loading dock, and compactor slabs. We’re so pleased to be Costco’s trusted partner on this project.