Morristown Airport Enjoys Smooth Landing

Morristown Airport Enjoys Smooth Landing

When we set out to construct three separate hangers at the Morristown Regional Airport, we didn’t realize we were building our new headquarters along with it. Our 130,000 sf hanger will now also house SEI’s corporate offices.

With SEI working all over the country—not to mention our key personnel flying to job sites—it makes sense to be able to step out of the office and directly into the cabin of our waiting aircraft. Because the sooner we get into the air, the more ground we can cover for our clients.

Along with SEI’s combined corporate hanger and headquarters, we also completed two 6,700 sf hangers for the airport—with no turbulence whatsoever.

“The entire process from beginning to end was very smooth,” offers Bill Slaton, Project Manager. “All three hangars look fantastic, now that the epoxy floors have finished up. The taxi lane is done, plus we added a parking lot and private entrance with a coded gate.”

SEI’s offices boast a sleek, modern interior with room to grow. And the airport additions give Morristown room to grow as well.

“We’re a company that supports Morristown,” adds Kenny Noah, SEI’s CEO. “The more infrastructure and facilities the airport offers, the better our area is positioned for attracting industry.” The SEI corporate office is on a thirty-year lease to the City of Morristown. Upon completion of the lease, possession the building reverts back to city ownership.