New Additions Begin for Atlanta Costco Depot

Here we grow again. Or, to be more accurate, here Costco grows again. We’re just here to help Costco every step of the way.

In 2017, we expanded the Costco cold depot in Atlanta. But with Costco being so popular among its growing membership, the current facility needed to grow.

On March 21st, we started a 63,000 sf addition to the cold distribution center in the refrigerated area. The effort means erecting new tilt-up concrete walls, a total of 22 new dock doors, and a refrigeration condenser platform.

At the same time, we’ll have to add new underground utility tie ins as well as new storm water, domestic water, and fire water capability. On the exterior, the project entails a new detention pond to be cut into the terrain, not to mention around 83,000 sf of concrete paving, both demolition and replacement.

Oh, wait. There’s more. A smaller remodel to the Dry Storage Building means cutting in 13 new dock doors into existing tilt walls. Plus we’re throwing in two new retaining walls, one for cold addition and one for the dry storage remodel. Add 45 more feet to trailer stalls to accommodate longer trucks–not to mention new striping.

Most of all, because this is a busy facility, we need to make sure we don’t interrupt the client’s work and maintain constant temperature in the existing cold distribution center.

“It’s a big and complex project for sure,” says Brian Donnellan, Project Manager. “But we like a challenge. We’re confident that we’ll meet the August 21st project completion date.”

Look for more updates as we make progress. Because we’re proud how Costco gets bigger and better with all that we do.