SEI Meets Challenges in Springfield, Missouri

SEI Meets Challenges in Springfield, Missouri

Every Costco warehouse project is different, with its own unique twists to resolve. Take our project in Springfield, Missouri, as an example.

SEI broke ground in September 2020, with big challenges ahead of us. First, there was a large amount of site work before construction could begin. Not only did we have to blast large amounts of subsurface rock for off-site utilities, but we also had to create an off-site retention basin. And all this work had to be complete before local government would release our on-site construction permit.

When construction began in late January, we had to contend with Missouri’s notorious weather. Freezing temperatures were followed by an unusually wet spring and summer. So, while the building construction began on March 15, we had to remain both nimble and flexible throughout the construction timeline. Add delays in materials delivery due to supply chain disruptions, and our team was pushed from beginning to end.

However, we like a challenge. As a result of some skillful planning and good old-fashioned hard work, we were able to deliver the warehouse on time for the August 18 grand opening.

We at SEI are honored by the trust Costco places in us for each and every warehouse project. And we do our level best to live up to that trust, no matter what curves get thrown our way on a project. As we’ve already said, while every project is different. But our standards will always remain the same.