Costco Taps SEI for Aurora Depot Expansion.

Costco Taps SEI for Aurora Depot Expansion.

Costco keeps growing and growing and growing. Witness its depot in Aurora, Colorado. Recently completed, this distribution center already needs expansion. And, once again, Costco has called on SEI to ensure everything happens on time and according to very high standards.

According to Bryan Weatherford, Project Manager, the reason is SEI’s performance. “It’s a distinct privilege to prove ourselves to Costco with every project. Having completed a similar effort in Garland, Texas, they learned that we can manage large-scale projects on a tight schedule.

Our secret sauce? Lean management and constant communication.

“We’re very streamlined,” Bryan adds, “and we talk constantly with the field staff and design team. That way we can work through the obstacles that crop up on any job. Add to that our ability to trim schedules and have subcontractors work concurrently, and we put efficiency and quality in every project.”

The ambitious expansion of the Aurora depot began August 8, with 277,000 SF to be added by February 28. The expansion will encompass 150,000 SF for e-commerce and online fulfillment, 67,000 SF for cold storage, and an additional 60,000 SF for dry goods. Our topmost priority is maintaining productivity without impeding the work in hectic operating facilities.

Our skill in logistics means that we prepare the site in ways that don’t interfere with truck traffic entering and leaving the existing depot. And, as building construction begins in earnest, providing a temporary pathway for traffic without diminishing Costco productivity.

Thanks, once again, to Costco for your trust in us. A faith we live up to with every project. Now and in your bright future to come.