Making the Right Call in Oklahoma City.

Making the Right Call in Oklahoma City. 

Costco is more than warehouses. It’s an enormous logistical operation requiring all its gears to mesh smoothly and efficiently. And one of those gears comes in the form of the kind of responsive service its members expect.

We were honored to be tapped for Costco’s creation of a call center in Oklahoma City. We began in July 2020 with a purchased building that had suffered years of maintenance neglect. Matt Simmons, Site Manager (Along with the ever-present and indispensable Regina Maness) and his team rolled up sleeves and got to work.

Only after months of ‘deferred maintenance’ could we begin actual demolition and renovation on a four-story, 227,000 SF office building. In addition to the construction work, the project entails creating a 600+ space parking lot and upgrading the site’s existing 900+ parking lot. Ongoing interface with local and state authorities having jurisdiction for existing codes and regulations was also a central priority of our efforts.

One key challenge was not disrupting the work of staff members who work in the building every day. Starting out at 400, the number of Costco employees in the building mushroomed to 740 during the project. A final projected number of 2,000 employees will ultimately work or train in the building every day.

Despite many project evolutions and increased scope, we continue to hit all deadlines, with a projected completion deadline of Christmas, 2021.