Three—Count ‘em—Three Costco Locations Open in July, 2021

Three—Count ‘em—Three Costco Locations Open in July, 2021

Let’s just say that our incredible project managers are due a nice, long vacation sometime in August.

Why? Because SEI is leading the charge on not one, not two, but three separate Costco warehouses—all slated for completion in July.

First up on July 14, 2021, is the anticipated opening of the Costco warehouse in Springfield, Missouri, led by project manager Bryan Weatherford. Then, on July 20, we move a little closer to home by finishing up Costco’s new Murfreesboro location with Brian Donnellan leading our team.

Then, just two days later, Donnellan and SEI wrap up Moore, Oklahoma’s Costco newest warehouse location.

Three warehouses, eight days.

That’s a lot of ribbon-cutting, not to mention fancy footwork to meet expectations–in the middle of a pandemic, no less. But we think that says a lot about our project managers’ ninja-like skills at juggling busy construction schedules. And how we operate as a company.

So thanks to Costco for its continued trust in our teams. And thanks to Bryan, Brian, and the rest of our team members for handling the challenge and exceeding the highest standards of construction.