Morristown Airport

Helping Morristown Soar.

We love our hometown or Morristown, Tennessee. We’re so committed to it that we’re increasing its airport’s capacity with more facilities.

SEI will soon break ground on a 130,000 square foot hanger at the Morristown Regional Airport. With construction expected to take roughly two months, SEI will now be able to enjoy shorter commutes to client construction sites. In addition, SEI will construct two additional 6,400 square foot hangars.

It’s an effort designed to save time. The new facilities eliminate the one-hour drive to the Knoxville airport, allowing quicker response to client needs. And SEI and its clients aren’t the only ones who will benefit.

According to Kenny Noah, SEI’s CEO, “It’s a big asset. There are more corporate people in Morristown than most people realize. A lot of local corporations don’t buy a jet because they don’t have a place to store it. With the new Van Hool bus plant coming in, the area will see all kinds of vendors flying in.”

Morristown’s mayor, Gary Chesney, agrees. “I think as Morristown grows and services grow, it’s pleasing that our airport is showing some very positive growth as well. The improvements that are about to come at the airport are going to create some more ‘wows’ and expand the capabilities.” Chesney added that the projects signal a new phase for the area’s industrial recruiting efforts.

Morristown’s city council approved SEI’s thirty-year lease on the hangar, proof of the company’s long-term commitment to the region. At the conclusion of the lease, ownership of the hangars will revert to the City of Morristown.