Bill Staton, Project Manager 

Bill Staton. Creativity in Construction.

Construction is more than a science. There’s an art to it. And Bill Slaton, our newest Project Manager, knows this better than anyone.

When you’ve been in the construction business for more than thirty years, you don’t get much spare time. Yet Bill puts his to good use as one heck of a professional wildlife artist. His pencil illustrations adorn many a wall around the country. In fact, he’s even had an entire show featuring his work.

And if that weren’t enough, Bill tried his hand for ten years as—get this—a professional bowler. He’s had more than his fair share of 300 games over the years. In addition, Bill serves his church and loves hunting, fishing, and his family.

So what attracted Bill to SEI? “I love the culture at SEI. They treat customers and employees better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Yes, they’re demanding. But I’ve never encountered anyone in my 30+ years that treats employees the way Kenny does. And I’ve worked with some really good people in the business.”

Welcome aboard, Bill, with your years of experience and eye for detail. We look forward to drawing upon your many gifts for years to come.