Costco Taps SEI for Warehouses in
Moore, Oklahoma, and Springfield, Missouri

Costco Taps SEI for Warehouses in
Oklahoma, and Springfield, Missouri

SEI has earned the trust of Costco when it comes to building its warehouses around the country. Because we deliver a quality product even when facing tight schedules and logistical challenges.

So when it came time to build two new warehouse in Oklahoma and Missouri, Costco came back to us.

According to Brian Donnellan, Project Manager, “We’re excited to begin these new projects. More importantly, we’re pleased to be considered a reliable partner by such an innovative retailer like Costco.”

In addition to the warehouse construction and fuel station, the 160,879 SF Moore project will require public improvements to surrounding roadways. But, just like previous projects, SEI is up to the challenge, with an expected project finish date of May 21, 2021.

With 161,179 SF on 18.35 acres, the Springfield project has additional challenges, both in terms of soil conditions and in the coordination between two separate government jurisdictions. With the entirety of the Springfield site consisting of undulating bedrock, blasting and hydraulic breaking is required for site preparation. Further construction of a detention pond is needed for water runoff. Finally, new roadways, complete with striping and traffic signalization, must be finished prior to warehouse construction.

Further, because the Springfield site straddles the Springfield city limits, all roadwork must pass muster with both Springfield and the Missouri Department of Transportation. However, all signs point to a project completion by late July, 2021.