SEI Building Costco Distribution Center in Texas

SEI Building Costco
Distribution Center in Texas

In December 2019, a powerful tornado ripped through a Sears Distribution Center in Garland, Texas, inflicting structural damage to both the concrete and steel supports. So when Costco decided to restore the structure, it called on SEI to pick up the pieces.

Currently, SEI is remediating all structural concrete, with a total of 183 columns being replaced. In addition to the 898,821 SF warehouse, we’re working to create a two-story office within the structure.

With a final delivery date of February 25, 2021, it’s an aggressive timetable, but we have the skills to do it. According to Bryan Weatherford, Project Manager, “We’re confident with that deadline. It’s a condensed, fast-paced schedule with lots of moving parts, but we have a good game plan.”

After all, who better than SEI to handle a whirlwind schedule?