SEI Surges Ahead on Costco in Bismarck

SEI Surges Ahead on Costco in Bismarck.

It’s the latest chapter in our long relationship with Costco. And the story is a great one.

Winters are long in North Dakota. So once the thaw came, making construction possible again, things heated up to meet the August 25 opening. We immediately poured the concrete slab, in turn making steel erection safer.

Planning matters for a project with such a tight schedule. SEI’s precise timetable gives us maximum efficiency and time savings on the project. Overhead work, interior work, electrical, and plumbing for the new warehouse store are now well underway. And the doors will open in Bismarck on schedule.

Thanks, Costco, for letting us be part of your success. And thanks to our hardworking team in Bismarck for being an essential part of ours.