SEI Helps Costco Save on Energy
in 16 Locations

SEI Helps Costco Save On Energy in 16 Locations

By letting the sunshine in, skylights used to play a big role in energy savings for retailers such as Costco. But there were offsetting expenses in the form of higher HVAC costs.

However, with electricity savings from new, high-efficiency LED lighting, skylights are no longer needed. Not to mention they increase temperatures inside the locations.

Costco was ready to change that, and asked SEI to help. To date, our team of spray foam experts have serviced five distribution centers and eleven warehouse stores, covering the roof and skylights. Each project took 5 – 15 days, with no disruption to members or workflow.

It made a big difference, too. As much as six-to-seven degrees’ difference inside. In turn, that meant greater comfort and safety for shoppers and workers. It also put a big dent in HVAC costs, even reducing the need for future equipment purchases.

So big, in fact, we’re already back at work on more Costco locations. It’s one more way we offer the highest degree of service.