SEI Finishes Foam Insulation Project for Costco

SEI Finishes Foam Insulation
Project for Costco

November 13, 2019

As part of Costco Wholesale’s efforts to deliver higher value to members, it’s always looking for ways to be more efficient and save money. As a partner to Costco—not to mention Costco shoppers ourselves–we’re always ready to help out.

SEI Construction is proud to have recently completed a spray foam insulation project at the Costco Wholesale distribution depot outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The ambitious project, designed to lower utility costs and protect against moisture, included insulating and painting 372 skylights and 150 smoke vents. And measuring up to our client’s very high standards when it comes to quality.

While it was a quick-turn project for us, we know our efforts will mean long-term benefits for our client. Thanks, Costco Wholesale, for your faith in us over the years—not to mention the years to come.