SEI Helps Build Hope for the Hungry

SEI Helps Build Hope for the Hungry

October 31, 2019 

Usually, SEi Construction build things to last. But one of our favorite recent projects only stayed up for a short time before helping hungry families in the vicinity of our nation’s capitol.

Each year, the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) in Virginia hosts Canstruction, a design competition that benefits those in need. With exhibits built entirely out of canned goods, it is an annual test of creativity and construction skills.

When AIA North Virginia showcased design and building skills to support the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC), our longtime collaborator MG2 Design was part of the team. When MG2 asked us to help as a sponsor, we were excited to jump in.

This year’s entry included two carefree corgi pops lounging in the pool on a hot summer day. It was built from beans, potatoes, yams, pasta, soup, various vegetables, coconut milk, and a lot of tuna cans! Once the judging ended, the exhibit was disassembled and distributed to families throughout the area.

Thanks, MG2 Design and Katy Siu, for allowing us to partner with you to help those in need have food. Kenny Noah CANstruction Team MG2 Design Katy Siu, Emily O’Loughlin, Krysten Gormly, Gabriella Santostefano, & Joy Cunningham. We were delighted to play our small role in helping feed those in need.